​Narrative Layout Artist

Our client is looking for a candidate to join their Narrative Storytelling team. Here you will contribute to the future of storytelling within the games universe. They are looking to captivate audiences with a bold and inventive approach to animation, framing, and composition within the bounds of the gameplay experience. More-than-ever-before, their goal is to unify the action of the world and the nuance of the moment.

**Candidates MUST have reels displaying their work. Reels must show keyframe samples**

Number of openings

  • 1

Primary Responsibilities

  • • Understand the moment-to-moment story, frame sequences within a defined ruleset, then with clear perspective and consideration make scenes illicit an emotional response.
  • • Foster, evangelize, and further a storytelling language that seeks to immerse through uninterrupted context, conflict, and action.
  • • In each scene communicate the goals, the way we want the audience to feel, and the power in the scene through framing, space, and time.
  • • Work closely with the Narrative Experience Director, Narrative Animation Lead, and Senior Narrative Animators.​

Qualifications & Skills

  • • Experience with Autodesk Maya required. Expertise in other 3D software packages will be considered.
  • • Expert knowledge of cinematography and storytelling techniques in film, stage, or non-linear mediums such as video-games or VR.
  • • Strong understanding of camera movement/composition.
  • • Strong communication skills for working across multiple disciplines.
  • • Proactive problem solver who demonstrates a strong sense of artistic and technical creativity and respect for aesthetics.
  • • Ability to work collaboratively - must be open to direction and be able to embrace change. Candidate must also have a passion to discover, explore and share learnings with others.
  • • Work well under deadlines and multi-tasks.
  • • Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • • Gameplay experience a plus.

How to apply

Email resume and portfolio to Myriad Consulting